24.12.2019. 14:05h

Go Go Crazy Burger is the name of a hyper casual game developed by the Desperados team in 24 hours and thus became the winner of the first Nis video game design event "Gameathon" held on December 13-15 at the Startup Center.

The ten teams had 24 hours to express their creativity and use the endless possibilities of their minds and game engines to develop prototypes of video game art projects. The Gamethon topic was free this time, so teams had the ability to absolutely let their imagination run wild.

The seven-member jury was tasked with selecting the top three projects, and during the evaluation, criteria such as: game mechanics, story, music, presentation, design, as well as team compatibility were taken into account.

The winning team consisted of Miodrag Mikic, Igor Stosic, Miljan Babovic and Sara Pavic. According to the jury, in this intensive workshop, they created a video game prototype that best responds to the challenge set and follows the trend of the increasingly popular hyper casual games, and will be awarded € 1,500 in financial support.

A simple yet beautiful design, designed for the truly broad Go Go Crazy Burger audience, it follows the story of a young cook making burgers and progressing from fast food kiosks to upmarket restaurants. Ingredients are falling, and the goal is to pick up items that are predefined as the right ingredients by moving left - right. Games like this are mostly designed for mobile phones and require concentration and focus.

The second place and Sony Playstation 4 was won by the Heatwave team, also the youngest team made up of students from the computer department of the Bora Stankovic High School, while the third place and mentor's annual support for the project development was won by the Am-pm games team.

The Gameathon jury consisted of Milos Grozdanovic (Director of Startup Center), Bogdan Ignjatovic (founder of Exe Play), Jovan Soldatovic (founder of Bad Sistems), Stefan Djokovic (gaming publisher), Marko Popovic (Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics), Aleksandar Stanimirovic (Faculty of Electronic Engineering) and last but not least Lazar Dimitrijevic, who evaluated the projects as a representative of a group of the biggest fans of video games - teenagers.

The first Nis Gameathon attracted a total of 43 participants, and the Startup Center became the home of true video game enthusiasts for 24 hours, demonstrating how strong and talented the gaming community in Nis is.